Escaping In Ink

I realize not so easily is the trek to please me. My mind moves in speed. Doubt do I the need to see. A chance at gleeful bliss. Friction shook, mind’s amiss. So I float freely escape, seize chances to… Read More ›

The Perfect Pill

Pushing past noise, presently I’m poised. I gathered myself after what I’ve felt. The desert I roamed before I came home. There an oasis lit the past, I faced it. I’m deshevled grey, from paths astray. I looked inward front… Read More ›

Blind Me

Storms in the east fires in the west some things move faster than the rest. Is there any way you could explain foundations crumble though my mind’s sane. All sanity consumed my spirit has no rest; I feel you move… Read More ›

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