Avenues Of Respite

So cruel can be the revolving day. Creating questions; coldness on display. Answers elude, leave bitter tastes. Control is illusion; cursing is a waste. Wake everyday, well earned slumber. Seeing obstacles, conspiring thunder. We loose people, ones we love the… Read More ›

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  • Rest For Our Souls

    The world it does reveal and destroy; it has certainly changed this boy. When life conspires to take your joy flight or fight ways we must employ. I have stood to fight the good fight with all my strength, will… Read More ›

  • To Love Again

    I’ve been looking at your mind, from the ink you’ve left behind. Say what is there left to decide what it is you did want to find? As far as what my eyes can see, what you try and do… Read More ›

  • Set Truth Free

    Lend me an ear please I need tame neurons firing deep inside my brain. To the brink I pray I’m found sane by those who could think the same. Of games that leave us perplexed. Of how our emotions get… Read More ›

  • Death Makes Us Kin

    I’m far from being damn special. Yet the reaper finds I’m acceptable. Let coldness for it be reciprocal, it brings us all to be connectable. Berate fellow souls we should not for we can see our common spot. In large… Read More ›

  • The Way We Loved

    Travel did I once our road. Release did I my heavy load. Our story remains untold beyond what some suppose. A look speaks countless words in a language that gives birth to ideas others may find absurd. Ones between us… Read More ›

  • Serving To Pacify

    Are you going to leave this open space in me? Now you make me see now what I can truly be. Educated I already am with knowing true bliss a myth. You supplied to pacify this. You did so with… Read More ›

  • A Vast Gaze

    I find the universe in your eyes. Celestial bodies make you wise. For the times I’ve stood amazed, wonder how I did become so brave. Maybe because your relm’s not cold. I can not believe what in you I behold…. Read More ›