The Hate Of The Heavenly

I am not homosexual. I am a heterosexual. I love women. Love them. If I went to a church and because people thought I was homosexual, as I was leaving, a group of two dozen church members surrounded me, slapped me, beat me and kicked me…I’d be pissed.
If I was recovering from cancer and a jury found out those who beat me up knew that, that and they were told to lie by the pastor about what they did, I would be thinking of a number just north of what it would take to buy Hawaii. I feel sorry for Matthew Fenner, but Matthew, look to the future my son. Look to the future. It was horrible and it upsets me extremely. Matt, listen to me, if this turns out the way I think it will…my man, you’ll be fine.

I’m not saying all homosexuals are but more than likely if I went to a homosexual church they would probably surround me at the end of the service and throw little hearts and flowers at me. I wouldn’t be concerned. Just asking myself, did they have these in their pockets the whole time?

Then they’d probably invite me to one of the parishioners homes where the members of the church would probably cook me dinner worthy enough to be on God’s menu. Then they would give me a ride back home. I would invite them in and then they would probably suggest the proper layout of my living room to maximize my mood in the room, which would probably up my chances of impressing a woman by a factor of fifty.

Brooke Covington 58 pastor. Matthew Fenner, victim.

After maximising the mood of my furniture arrangement they would probably help me go to the mall to help me pick out a suit that would help me get a job at Goldman Sachs, if I asked them. This is all if I asked them mind you. Then we’d go have coffee and discuss their philosophies.

The church members would say something to the effect, demons are the virtues of conflict. If we are true to our nature and know the kind of person we are, there would be no conflict within. Denying our true selves is a battle we can ill-afford to fight if we plan to battle the world; but when we battle the world we do so with kindness and understanding. As like the kindness we practice toward one another.

If members of a gay church didn’t do any of those things if I asked them, I would be surprised. That’s what regular Christian churches should do as well. I have gay friends and that is what they have helped me learn. I mean seriously, I have learned the world through many eyes is a better spectrum than most Evangelical ones.

Now that I think about it, I think I will go to a church in North Carolina and say I’m gay. After the carnage I’ll start my own homosexual Church with the settlement money. I would like to point out how divided the Christian faith is. Baptists, Methodists, Lutheran and so on and so on.

The fact homosexuality is more acceptable isn’t because people put tolerance together with belief. It’s because people are different and who gives a single care? I think churches are jealous. Jealous that a message of love and self-discovery and identity can be found in a different place rather than a place of god. Christian influence in many instances strictly are unaccepting of the homosexual culture and way of life. Thats envy and quite frankly envy is a deadly sin. Homosexuality is not a deadly sin.

 There are more than plenty of regular Churches that preach a message of tolerance and love. And this particular instance is in no way indicative of a mass section of Christian practice. Yet to embrace the larger concepts of love and tolerance is something smaller churches should embrace. Word of Faith Fellowship Church in Spindale, N.C. is an example of an archaic philosophy that is dangerous, promotes violence and disdain. It resembles more of a cult preying on the innocent and lost and must be stopped.

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