Millionaire Investor Anthony Scaramucci reminds me of the movie, “Wolf of Wall Street.” That was my first impression before I knew anything about him. “The President has really good karma,” Scaramucci exclaimed. This being after calling Trump, “A hack,” and a, “Big Mouth,” not too long ago.

I found out that Scaramucci is worth $80 million dollars and will replace former Navy Press Secretary and Communications Director Sean Spicer after Spicer spent 181 days at the podium. Spicer said that he wanted the administration to start with, “A clean slate,” as a reason for his resignation.

Scaramucci praised Spicer before quipping, “I hope he [Sean Spicer] makes a lot of money.” Apparently Scaramucci had a change of heart regarding Donald Trump, even adopting Trump’s mantra, “We’re going to do a lot of winning.”

This move occurred the day after it was reported that Special Prosecuter Robert Mueller requested all materials involving Donald Trump Jr.’s unreported meeting with a Russian National. The meeting which top advisor Jared Kushner failed to report on disclosure forms three times. Along with Trump firing former FBI Director James Comey for the, “Russia thing,” Trump has been battling a pro-Russia persona.

This also comes after another top aide resigned after Trump’s statement of criticism directed towards his own Justice Department.