There May Be More Earth-Like Planets In The Universe Than All The Grains Of Sand On All Our Beaches

This is not an article about God. Only the wonderment of the vastness of the universe from a numerical perspective. No one realizes how small we as humans are in the larger scope of the universe. Could there be other planets with life on them? There are planets that possess the correct size and that is for certain. Whether they’re the right distance from their sun as well as many other factors let us set aside for now.

That being said, there are more earth-like planets in the universe than there are grains of sand on ALL of our beaches. 

There may be more planets than there are stars in the universe. 

Our solar system. There are tens of billions, maybe even 100’s of billions of Solar Systems in our one single galaxy alone. 

Astronomers believe there could be 40 billion earth like planets in JUST our Milky Way galaxy by itself. 

New research estimates there could be up to 500 billion galaxies.

The Milky Way galaxy. There are 500 billion more of these.

In one study there is estimated, by scientists, to be over 50 sextillion earth like planets in the entire universe. That is 50 followed by 21 zeros. This is taking into account solar systems like ours. 

There are estimated to be 500 billion of galaxies. Each dot is a single galaxy. Filled with exponential solar systems. Each galaxy could hold about 40 billion earth-like planets.

Time is relative. In the bigger scope of the creation of the universe, earth is relatively young. A majority of scientists have hypothesized that earth is the only planet in the universe with living beings. Earth was formed relatively shortly after the creation of the universe and we are relatively old in comparison to the majority of the rest of the universe. Life takes time. 

How and when the universe was created remains a mystery. One begs the question: why? That information is and will always remain a mystery. How could you create something out of nothing? 

Go ahead, make something appear by itself in front of your eyes that wasn’t. See how that goes. I’m not intending to imply God created it but just asking scientifically, if God didn’t, what did? What created time? There is a line in Prometheus that just struck me. It goes, “big things have small beginnings.”I think that is a highly appropriate statement to mention in light of these fabulous and mind blowing statistics. 

Our planet seen from the Hubble periscope. You can see our ozone.

Our sun will eventually burn out as do all stars. Our’s wont explode for another four to five billion years. When that happens, will we be evolved enough to survive and sustain ourselves, our entire race, in the stars? Our bodies are already beneath the ground for the fossil records. 

“What is most important?”

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