North Korea & Weapons Of Mass Destruction

After the Korean War, their ruler, Kim Il-sung, introduced a personal philosophy of “self-reliance” that became a source of national pride for North Korea. Kim Il-sung died in 1994 but was elevated to the title of president, “eternally.” Starting a reign of trouble and duress that has reached a climax. 
Aid agencies have estimated that two million people have died since the mid-1990s because of acute food shortages due natural disasters and economic mismanagement. Amnesty International says hundreds of thousands of people have been tortured and executed in North Korean prisons. 

In a report by Robert Collins called, “Pyongyang Republic,” Collins explained the oppressive regime that is being exuded from leader Kim Jong Un. After the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II in 1945, Korea was divided into two parts at the 38th parallel. After failed negotations the Socialist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was formed. Currently there is a rough estimate of 25 million people who populate North Korea and their leader, Kim Jong-un, is regarded as the Supreme Leader.  

Many have regarded the government as a Stalinist form of totalitarianism. Which is to say there is a cult-like core of personalities surrounding Kim Jong-un. In “Pyongyang Republic,” Robert M. Collins details the ideology, institutions and administrative operations through the Kim dynasty that maintains the world’s most centralized political order. Which is to say, it’s in the family and like family, loyalty is essential.

According to a transcript of Robert Collins Pyongyang Republic, 

“Mr. Collins explained that the oppressive regime of Kim Jong Un has become increasingly hostile toward its personnel and people, thereby darkening its already disparate record of human rights abuses.”

Talks this year, 2017, broke down after the killing of Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of dictator Kim Jong-un, in Malaysia. North Korea is the most secretive nation in the world and the reasons for the killing are not fully known. 

It is clear, as evidenced even after the Korean War was ended with no treaty, that the stubbornness of North Koreans lack of international co-operation has turned their image sour in isolation from the rest of the world. As if a deity, the Supreme Leader holds true to political ideals of “self-reliance.” 

To further exasperate the situation currently in North Korea is the story of exiles as seen making a video.

Everything is state-funded. Healthcare, housing, education and food production. North Korea struggles from food production and the country relies on foreign food aid. From 1994 to 1998 between 240,000 to 420,000 people died due to famine. The population of North Korea’s military is estimated at 9,500,000 and is due to North Korea’s policy of Songun, or “military-first.” This creates a quite precarious situation. 

Will Never See A Battlefield

The isolationist military state of North Korea, relies on support from other countries to feed it’s people. That is why sanctions cripple the country badly. Jong-un assigns blame for restrictions on badly needed aide on the United States.Yet when he fires his missiles into the sky more sanctions come. Which is just like him saying, starve my people but you will fear me.

Despite increasing language of all out war against the United States, here you can see money sent to North Korea from Great Britain. Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement unleashed a mountain of rhetoric from North Korea’s capital in Pyongyang calling Trump a…

“reckless war maniac”

And a…


Kim Jong-un’s propaganda was in response to further economic restrictions placed on them by the United States after they fired a ballistic missile. A common practice that causes tension in the region. This was in response to talks breaking down after the killing of Jong-un’s half brother. The killing prompted several U.S. flyovers and a directed Aircraft Carrier to the region

A Desperate Regime Has These

Unreported, but believed by myself, there are more than likely an untold amount of nuclear submarimes lingering off the Korean Peninsula. The pulse of war is palpable. President Trump has declared patience is over with North Korea. 

The story that sticks to me is the story of Otto Warmbier. Warmbier took a flyer from a hotel. Took a flyer. According to North Korea Warmbier committed a crime. Then was forced to confess he committed a crime. 

As have countless souls whom have resided in North Korea. How many more souls will Kim Jong-un allow to perish one way or the other? 

Jong-un is ambition personified. His push towards nuclear armament causes questions to be asked about his military ambition versus the health of his people. His people who have inherently loved him. Jong-un’s cruelness is exhibited in the cruelness he allows to happen to innocent families and children. The totalitarian regime flexes when it should use constructive dialouge. 

What is North Korea’s place in this world? What place does it want and what place should it have?

This Has To End
Supreme Leaders Have These

Throughout the Southern Pacific are these things. Which are on constant preparedness to worship Kim Jong-un with missles 10 times as strong as his and in other ways. If Jong-un does go nuclear, it will be over before it even starts. Which begs the question, why isn’t Kim Jong-un feeding his people? 

The Supreme Face Of Death

Recent developments show inter-contintental capabilities as demonstrated by the North Korean capital. President Trump has called for China to have a more impactful role. 

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