This is a sad time for America. Jeffrey Lord, yes this is a sad time in our Countries history. We can do without your Nazi salutes. Good riddance. 

Just as if this Trump reign didn’t seem to be more troublesome, his supporters do something like this. Abhorrent as it is the implications this has to the insight of a Trump supporters mind are invaluable. I’m not generalizing or categorizing or being prejudice. If you don’t like me saying this then sorry but Donald Trump is going to get thousands of people killed if he’s not careful.

Jeffrey Lord was fired by CNN.

I’m sick of this. I would like to focus on other things but Trump is the ultimate bully. 

I find him to be a brash, ill-informed, unknowledgable, deceiving, calculatingly caustic, manipulative, stubborn, misogynistic, cruel, selfish, self-consumed, ill-concieved con artist. Not to mention an habitual liar. Trump is dangerous and aggressive; cold and condescending. 

I will treat him as such and will continue to criticize him because as a citizen who’s ancestors sailed from England and became pioneers, Generals in the Civil War and arms makers for the American people I have more cause than anyone to be alarmed.

Where my ancestors came from.

I love this country more than most. So did my father’s father’s father and so on and so on. I am not bragging nor do I think myself better than anyone. 

I am no better than anyone. My ancestors settled and formed the first Capital of England. I keep myself wrapped in anonymity because I want no praise and I don’t want to profit. THIS SITE IS NOT MONETIZED! I do this to inform and try to reveal injustices. I am a Democrat but that is beside the point. 

My family. You should see a picture of my dad beside this one.

The point is I do this to reveal injustices and there is no injustice greater than the abuse of power and corruption. Our leaders and voices must be responsible and hold those who’s decisions affect millions of lives accountable. We must not buy into hate that you see Jeffrey Lord exhibiting here. 

In fact people should be doing the same thing I am doing right now. Admonishing behavior that is unacceptable and taking a stand so that when a President is sitting on the toilet at 3 am tweeting, he may surf over sites like these.

Pictures like this do exist.

I am talking about a man who is so self-consumed that he uses his name as if it were a seal of quality. I’m talking about a man who sponsors an online school charging thousands of dollars for a get rich scheme that he was sued for and had to make settlements because of. I’m talking about a man who chastised a gold star family based off their religion. I’m talking about a man who criticizes a judge who he felt was biased due to the judges heritage. I’m talking about a man who slings superlatives around about how you can grab a woman by her genitals when you are rich and famous.

He was sued by dozens of people.

I’m talking about a man who lies about phone calls from the Boy Scouts. I’m talking about a man who interferes with a situation in regards to his son who met with Russian Nationals by offering a statement that is questionable at best. I’m talking about a man who makes fun of a handicap reporter for doing what reporters are suppose to do.

I would have voted for the one on the right before I voted for whatever that thing is on the left.

I’m talking about a man who refuses to be subjected to laws that everyone would be subjected to who exhibited his behavior. Firing James Comey because of what Trump calls, “This Russia thing,”is preposterous. As if to say the law doesn’t apply to this President. Seriously, what did Trump think would happen after he fired Comey?

The wrong “G Man” to mess with was fired the WRONG WAY

Trump didn’t think when he fired Comey. Trump’s impulse got the best of him. Trump didn’t even have the decency to fire Comey face to face. Then to top it off Trump brags to Russian emissaries that the Russian thing has been, “Taken off,” after he fired Comey. This is just one example of many that have been buried in the heap of trash spewed from Trump’s administration.

Trump didn’t win the popular vote so what does he do? Donald Trump establishes a commission to investigate voter fraud. Numerous states refused to comply. Officials in Mississippi prepared a statement in response saying, “Trump can go jump into the Gulf of Mexico.” 

Anyone who supports Trump condones the President’ s behavior, I’ll tell you now, that kind of person you won’t find in me. 

I do not support the idea of isolationist theories and strong arm tactics messaged by this current President. This site does not support him. I am no Jeffrey Lord. Whether in jest or normal conversation I will not condone statements that signify sympathizing with Nazi fascist pledges. As a matter of fact I will do what I’m doing now. Chronicling it in ink for the internet where people can understand the situation with Donald Trump. 

Yes. This says it all.

With aggressive statements like, “Fire and fury the likes the world has never seen,” it is hard for me to swallow. The tides of war are not sentiments that other countries can easily dismiss. During World War II the world realized our capabilities of nuclear weaponary and the fact that we will use them. 

I believe in measured statements that broker peace and don’t play into motivating a people led by a blind and ambitious rogue nation like in North Korea. 

For supporters who would even jest about a statement synonymous with mass murder and evil beyond comprehension, I will say this. 

What has our civilization come to?

Read what I have just written. Understand the man you defend and be ashamed that you would inflate Donald Trump’s ego. There is nothing more dangerous than a President who is under investigation and who historically has the world’s worst approval rating for an American President during his first 200 days in office. 

Trump has done nothing except cause problems for the United States and even for people in his own party. The President has put the burden of his agenda on the shoulder’ s of Congress and Congress doesn’t like Trump. 

When Trump threatened to fire special counsel Mueller, just the implication prompted Republican Lindsey Graham to say, “That would be the beginning of the end for Trump.” 

Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan, has repeatedly stated how Trump’s behavior is inappropriate. One example is when former FBI Director James Comey stated that President Trump asked Comey for a loyalty pledge as well as asking him to let the investigation into Michael Flynn go. 

I worship the Federal Bureau of Investigation and I had a plan for a path to Quantico after I served in the military. Those plans were squashed after I was quickly disciplined by my father who told me it could get me killed. I still wanted to join but my father forbade it. 

The way Comey was treated, in my eyes, was horrid and unfair. The FBI serves at the President’ s leisure but is suppose to defend and uphold the Constitution. 

Donald Trump wants to be tough on terrorism so what does he do? Fires a man who knew more about terrorism than anyone alive. 

Sure, Comey has made some bad decisions. I ask you, though, who hasn’t? Comey is just a man and has an opinion just as much as he has a duty. Comey, master-spy hunter had reservations about Trump and I believe Comey no matter how many times Donald Trump says, “believe me.” I can’t get the thought of a mafia boss out of my head when I think about the Comey Trump situation.

This doesn’t even half depict how much he acts like one.

When I think about Donald Trump, this is the image that is burnt into my mind. 

When Trump talks about war with North Korea and saying he will unleash fire and fury my stomach churns. China played the bigger role as an older much wiser parent. When Kim Jong Un said the focus would be on Guam Trump doubled down. China media reported that if North Korea launches a pre-emptive attack that China would not support North Korea. So now Jong Un has an ultimatum from its main trading partner. As well as the cowboy who we call President. There is no doubt who would win in a military conflict. 

So rest easy and know that the Don has a countries fate in his hands. Ask yourself, how does it feel?