My Take On Narcissistic Personality Disorder 

Every person’s view of the world is different. Our experiences and values we learned as children shape our interpretation of the natural world.

I was going to write this a month ago to explain what narcissistic personality disorder is and how to identify it so that you would be more informed. I am returning to it so that you might have some contrast about certain infamous public figures.

Let’s say you and I are walking down a beach. A bird flies over our heads. You say, well, it looks like that bird is going to build a nest. I respond to your statement by saying that all I saw was a bird flying. Then, let us pretend, you get irritated by me pointing out your theory over a simple fact. So you say, well who cares what the bird is doing. Which makes the subject matter change to the assumption you just made versus how I correctly described the bird. Then you renderred the matter moot.

Just because birds build nests doesn’t mean that’s what a bird flying over our head’s is doing. Now, as a metaphor, apply that to the real world. Stereotyping, bias and misleading statements are being seen all over the place nowadays.

To be congruent with misleading and presumptive perspectives takes a moxy some might admire. Yet doing such things, especially in trivial instances, shows an arrogance developed by a person consumed in “self.” Blame is a burden such a person avoids because it shows weakness. Weakness that would take away from this individuals own self-image. Such people fail at compromise because it is always one sided thought that accepts no alternative explanation.

There is a familiar saying, pride cometh before the fall. Pride will show strength but true wisdom takes counsel and admitting you are wrong. People don’t want just bold, they want substance and a narcissist, who is not properly educated, can be disastrous if placed in a leadership role.

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