When You Dance With The Devil The Devil Doesn’t Change But You Do

Do we really have power over our demons and agony? Those things which slip into our minds as we gradually drift off to sleep? Regret, embarrassment, physical and mental trauma may linger within us for all of our lives. The decisions we make in life affect our overall well being when those decisions involved were wrong decisions.

We all do what we must to survive. If you don’t believe in God or the devil join me, if you might, by entertaining my analogy that the devil is a symbol of all bad things. The devil represents hate but mostly our fears. Things that, in our minds, terrorize us. Our agony. We all fear something unless we ourselves are the personification of evil. So think of those things. 

Whether it be clowns, heights, claustrophobia or whatever you have as a phobia. Think about them. Think about the fear of being alone, the fear of abuse, drug addiction or death itself. Think about them. Traffic accidents, assaults, theft etc. Those bad things we all are akin to. They haunt us whether we realize it or not. The bad things which program our minds to fight or flight responses. Those things like drugs that turn our bodies into sewers of unhealthy toxins. I’ve been through my demons before just as much as anyone else.

All of these things were problems before we had them and they were problems that others have fought or are still fighting. One thing we all have in common is that we are all subject to pain and tragedy. When we think about them or experience them for too long they change us. The devil is all pain, suffering, agony and regret. The devil is eternal, we are not. 

It is best to understand what each of our fears and pitfalls are. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t know what they are until we go through them. After we go through them they can either destroy us or make us stronger. The brevity of life gives us a chance to live. While we do there are things that help pacify the pain we live in. Yet for them to go away we have to face them. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone struggles one way or the other.


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