One Of The Most Important People In The Bible Was More Criminal Than Most People Are Today 

Since I mentioned the Devil in my last post I thought I might remain in that vein to address my next topic. Even if you don’t believe in God but rather have a moral code…hang in there with me.

Okay. I think I’m going to have to preach a little. (As if I haven’t been already.) As I sarcastically smirk following that last sentence let me delve into how whether God exists or not, I do not know. All I know is a story that I feel appropriate after my last post. 

If God exists, and I think he probably does, then we have to learn a little about God. If he doesn’t exist this story directly relates to morality. 

After God flooded the earth, like he is currently doing in Houston, the Lord decides to reconcile the world after failed attempts to save it otherwise. 

To do this the Lord decides to take it a step further. So that mankind could relate to God and God could sympathize with mankind, God decides to send a Messiah. A savior that would allow humans to be saved rather than condemned for our sinful natures. So God decides to become human. 

I know this sounds like a bible lesson. Apologies, but, like I said, hang in there with me. Now, when God decides to pick a lineage to give birth to the Messiah he picks the House of David. Let me sum up what the Bible says about David. Yes David did kill Goliath and chop off his head.

David & Goliath

But David was overthrown by his own son and wanders in the wilderness a while before returning to power. David is captured by one of his enemies and to avoid death David pretends to be insane. So his foe releases him. David also falls for a woman who he spies on as she bathes. After which David commits adultery. As if that wasn’t enough to call David a broken man David goes even further by having the husband of the woman he sleeps with killed by sending him to the front line of a battle.

So David is a murderer, an adulterer, a pervert, a liar and a person whose own family tried to kill him. 

God picks this guy and let me tell you why I think he did. 

By picking David, I feel, God was sending a message to humanity. That no matter what crimes or misdeeds you have committed there is such a thing as redemption.

There is nothing we could do that could cause God to not love us.

Hence the definition of true love. I tried to pick an example of how I love my family and people I care about and this is the one I came up with. 

It’s because of a regular tradition of Church when I was a child. I am not even beginning to prescribe Church for wayward souls so let me throw that out there.

What I am saying is that how God loved David is the kind of love I feel and I think others should feel about people we want in our lives. There is nothing any member of my family or people whom I’ve chosen as friends could do to change the way I feel about them. There is nothing beyond forgiving for those I love. 

That is why I think there is hope for everyone no matter what demons they carry with them. 

Especially if people are just doing what they have to do to pacify pain or survive, it doesn’t matter. Now if you’ve killed someone, that’s kind of a line. 

Yet still it all depends on the circumstances. Anything less, with the exception of rapists and pedophiles, is forgivable in my eyes. 

No matter how fast through life you live there is always a safe haven somewhere for you. 

That is of course, as I said, unless you’ve killed someone, are a rapist or pedophile. There is a place for them too but it consists of barb wired fences and a five by five room with no windows. 

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