The Asteroid Florence Buzzed Past Earth Early This Morning

An asteroid measuring 2.7 miles wide came within 4.4 million miles from earth early this morning. The closest it’s been in over one hundred years. Scientists say that it passed within just 18 times the distance from here to the moon. 

Scientists say there is a one time in forty chance of this happening, but it did. 65 million years ago the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit earth and was a massive 6 miles across. By comparison it was twice as large as Florence. Which is the name being used to call the asteroid that passed this morning. 

With the flood in Houston catching headlines one could beg to realize how small and insignificant we as humans actually are. As well as pay respects toward the unprejudiced nature of the world we live in. Despite it’s size the impact of Florence wouldn’t end life on earth. Yet it would be a disaster of epic proportions. 

With all that’s going on in the world I wouldn’t be surprised if it had hit us. How life could end for millions in an instant. That’s why everyday we should hold our families and friends near and stop fighting amongst ourselves.

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