An Eclipse, Biblical Flooding and A Close Passing Asteroid. It Feels Like Something In The Universe Is Trying To Tell Us Something. 

Since I couldn’t sleep I thought I’d talk about the Hurricane which proceeded to ravage Texas and has finally moved on towards the North East. We are seemingly destined to talk about this for quite some time and reasonably so. Over 30,0000 people were forced out of their homes due to over 51.9 inches of rain as of the last numbers I saw.

Typically on average your regular city will get probably 50 inches a year. Which is a lot. Considering Houston and Beaumont saw this amount of rain in a 6 day period has caused a flood of biblical proportions. Over 27 trillion gallons of rain fell over southeast Texas. Winds of 132 mph hit Texas when the category 4 Hurricane made landfall and then proceeded to basically sit on the city of Houston. 

There have been over 72,000 rescues since Harvey made landfall. Losses could reach as high as $75 billion dollars. Over 10,000 people took shelter inside the Houston Convention Center and still more and more space is needed to take care of the continually growing number of people devastated by the Hurricane. 

I lived in College Station, Texas for almost two years and during that time was able to make it into Houston on several occasions. Houston is huge. Fourth largest city in the United States and I have nothing but heart-felt hope the people of Texas get exactly what they need. 

One thing for sure that can be a real buzz kill is watching water seep from under your floorboards and start rising into your living room. The thing is that the water filled up the lowest parts of the city first, especially below ground. Below ground, most disturbingly, are sewers. So all that wonderful goodness seeping up through the floorboards probably contains viruses and diseases that haven’t even been named yet.

The city of Houston will never be the same. There will be abandoned buildings and ghost towns surrounding the downtown area which may remain uninhabited for decades. Mother nature, thou art a real buzz kill.

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