What Would We Be If We Were Incapable Of Loving Or Laughter

Einstein once said that coincidence was just God’s way of remaining anonymous. 

Whether there is a God or not I am not sure. I envision an all knowing omniscient being would be saddened to see the world turn into what is has today. 

I think there is a God and whether you believe in him or not is your choice. Why religious people use religion to sew division, when God’s message is one of unity, I will never understand. 

Godly or heavenly people should know the Bible is about love and forgiveness. It is about the salvation of all those living in darkness.

We are human and we make mistakes and we collide with each other in a realm of chaos. Is there such a thing as fate? Are we destined to be someone we are not yet? Many people don’t like the idea of anyone leading them to believe anyone or anything has control of their lives.

I’ve seen and been through a lot and I can tell there is a reason for things being the way they are. The answers are as mysterious as the question itself. What is God? What does it all mean? Continually throughout the Bible it says that God is love.

I ask what would we be if we didn’t have the capability to laugh and share love between us? 

Sure, everyone has moments where that seems impossible but we have to be unified to fight the terrors of the world on a unified front. We must learn to communicate effectively and care for one another. 

We all are different and function in many ways. We all have things about us that are a little weird and different but that creates the uniqueness of our camaraderies. No one is perfect. I’m not and never will be but I will laugh and join in for a cause of standing against hate, discrimination and anger. 

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