Back In The Day

It has been so long since this picture was taken that I hardly recognize myself. It was taken when I was in High School. I’m the second one from left to right. Starting from the left is Billy then the turd to my left is Charlie. The guy standing behind Charlie is Zach. They are my cousins.

I mentioned the fact we’re, as a family, 35 deep. That doesn’t take into account everyone’s children and spouses. I personally don’t have a picture of all of us. Only one exists and that was at a wedding. When the photographer at the wedding took a picture of us all he couldn’t help but state the obvious. He goes, “Man, you guys are a big family.

I look back on those days with no regret. We used to come together at my grandmother and grandfather’s house in Nashville before my grandmother and grandfather moved in next door. The photo conveys the prevalent message I have been reflecting on as of late of just how close we are as a family. Everyone has kids now except for Charlie and myself. It’s extremely rare now-a-days for us all to get together.

Looking at myself is weird. Mainly because I am kind of weird but to see this reminds me of the benefit of brothers. We used to do everything together when we all congregated in my grandparents basement. It took a lot of food to feed us but somehow my grandmother pulled it off.

When I was this young I played baseball, basketball and tennis. I look way different now. If I really tried I could possibly get back to that size. By the way, I’m not as short as I look in this picture. My broheims are just that tall. Looking at it now, I can’t believe how everyone has changed. They are a part of who I am and we weren’t just family we were friends and still are.

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