How Children Should & Do Change Your Life

I’ve been sifting through some pictures lately. The last post had my favorite pictures of my niece and nephew. All of these were taken years ago but one thing remains the same. There is no fiercer love than the love I have for these children. I always know they’ll be safe and it’s something being a part of this family comes along with. Since they were born I realized I have a responsibility to my family to make the right decisions and insure that no matter what they do, they will always have support. 

I realize that I have to lead by example so that they will understand how not just my sister and her husband love, bust also their uncle. I will love them until my dieing breath. That is the kind of love I was taught and grew up knowing.

When you love someone or even simply care about someone then that means that no matter the circumstance you will put forth an effort and make accommodations to allow them to be a part of your life. Life is a difficult and sometimes very confusing roller coaster ride. For the ones we love no obstacle can’t be bridged. For the ones we love forgiveness and understanding aren’t just words. 

I have had to learn to be completely honest with myself which involves very painful and introspective reflection. I ask myself what’s not just best for me, but what’s best for those whom I hold dear. What do I want for myself is important but the most important thing is being able to look this little girl in the face and let her see the kind of person I am proud of being.

As long as I remember who is affected most by my decisions it makes the correct path I need to take more clear.

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