What You Don’t Know About These Hurricanes

Hurricanes are made more intense by warm weather. Global temperatures keep rising each year to record highs. This is a significant correlation that can not be ignored. Global Warming is magnifying hurricane intensity. 

One fact that people may not know about is that the recent hurricane that hit Texas, causing 71 deaths, degenerated and redeveloped. Hurricane Harvey caused devastation that displaced 30,000 people; as well as prompting 17,000 rescues. 

Harvey set a record as being the wettest Hurricane on record. Drenching Texas with peak accumulations of 51.88 inches. Keep in mind, Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 Hurricane with winds of 130 mph. 

Currently in the Atlantic and ripping through the Bahamas is a hurricane named Hurricane Irma. Irma had sustained category 5 status for 37 hours and is the current record holder of the highest wind speed ever recorded for a hurricane with sustaining winds at 185 mph for that long.  Yet Hurricane Irma is not alone. Behind Irma to the east is Hurricane Jose. Currently at a category 2, Jose could make landfall. There is also Hurricane Katia in the Gulf Of Mexico. 

From Left To Right: Katia, Irma & Jose
Hurricane Irma Damage In St.Martin

Scientists have never seen three hurricanes that could make landfall before at the same time. There was Hurricane Igor, Julia and Karl in 2010 but Julia never threatened land. 

Global Warming does not cause hurricanes. Yet the intensity of a hurricane is magnified when warm air is introduced into the equation.

It is a scientific fact that our environment is changing year after year. We as humans consume, drive our cars and release toxic chemicals into the air that has caused our environment to shall I say bleed. It is a disheartening aspect of existence that the smartest animals on this earth are destroying the ecosystem of the planet on which they exist. The intensity of these weather systems is basically a result of Mother Nature bleeding. And when Mother Nature bleeds the results can be devastation.

My heart goes out to those whose lives have already been affected. The Island of Barbuda in the Atlantic has been described as, “inhabittable,” after Irma hit. The Hurricane projected models show that Irma, the category 5 hurricane, has its eyes set on Southern Florida. Evacuations are underway and the traffic congestion is quite the sight to see. 

If Harvey taught anyone anything then it can be understood that riding out the storm is a tremendous risk. As you can see 175+ mph wind can be quite strong.

Dangerous Winds From Irma

The Hurricane Irma satellite image is quite the sight to see as well. 

NOAA Satelitte Imagery

The hurricane is 400 miles wide.

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