Why I’ve Learned To Judge

It’s funny how in youth we were so keen on impressing our peers.

Or how with age we learn the vital sober discernment that is necessary for securing our identity.

The comprehension of social conformity seems to be present in the adolescent mind but as time passes the coldness of the world teaches us caution.

This is only my observation and I do acknowledge that there are those who will always seek to be the center of attention and enjoy popularity. Yet those we keep close to us, in our inner circle, tend in youth to be very different than those in our personal vicinity after the mind matures.

The idea is that our associations define us. As an example, if I might, I would like to depict this assertion by talking a little about how recovering addicts have found successes in combating addiction. They found success by being around a group of people who share the same goals.

The kind of people we have in our life and keep in our lives typically is indicative of who we are ourselves.

Two people whom at the core are principly different will eventually develop friction that causes strife. As we grow we learn what makes us happy, what drives us and what excels us; as well as what makes us feel more secure about ourselves.

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