If You Bring That Conservative Swagger, You Best Not Annoy Me On A Bad Day

Okay, so I have to share this. I work a menial job to support my internet habit. Shrug, call it a habit slash platform slash podium what have you. Okay, so I’m at the register and I’m ringing this guy up.

Then all of a sudden he pops out three badges on his chest. They’re on his shirt, he just points them out. One says, “Choose Life.” The other says, “Choose Correctly.” So I couldn’t resist myself.

So I said, “So you’re against choice.” There was an awkward pause.

He goes, “I am against a woman committing murder.”

So I go, “So if we go to war against North Korea…you’re thoughts would be…”

Another awkward pause. He goes, “I’m for whatever choice Jesus Christ would make.”

So I go, “Well your not a woman.” I told him a story about how church members at a Church in South Carolina beat up a kid who they thought was gay. He wasn’t gay mind you and it is true. They beat him up.

He goes, “Well I’m not those church members.”

I thought, well, you’re not a woman either.

I swear, he said the words, “Thank You.”