The Echo That Brought Me Sight

In the beginning it began as an echo

her sharp wit filled the halls within me,

even when she said not a single word

It spoke volumes, changing me completely.

The gate of her stride was quaint

I remember how she glided upon the floor.

I can see it as if it were yesterday

now I see it as I never have before.

The air thickens when she appears

because she is fiercer than the sun.

She parts great crowds and tears down darkened shrouds

even the blind can see her and become undone.

She lays bare all frustration

her voice softens any rage within,

no logic is needed for reason

when her gentle words begin.

You see, she captures and hypnotizes

even the most stubborn of souls,

putting at ease the ferocity

in which even the most controlling control.

There is no defining

the power she does possess.

There are no fictions one could hide behind,

even the bravest get weakened in the chest.

Step tenderly, lightly and give thought she must

upon those whom behold her strength,

because she fills the void beneath the shelf

between where authors place their books and where they think.

They ponder and say, what is this soul

they’ll find no proverb nor words as precedent.

How is it she possesses the mind they’ll ask

is she a gift from God that he has sent?

It explains why she shines

it explains how she speaks without speaking.

Miraculously healing the afflicted

whom have been consumed by this world’s wicked thinking.

What I See When I Dream Of Her That's When I Hope To Never Wake