The Thunder From Within

Here I am now thinking

of her yes she’s on my mind.

No I haven’t been drinking

just keeping sane in my time. 

My place so bold am I

because I simply beg to try,

to keep my faculties about me

because without her I could cry.

I can’t stop it now I’m told

that my chaos was too much.

My mind keeps yelling 

to confess an empty pain of such.

My limbs fail and are numb

while I come crashing down.

Because there’s no value enough

from the beauty in her I found.

I am broken and torn asunder

from this life of frequent pain.

So I think about her smile awhile

because it soothes me and makes me sane. 

There is so much regret and hurt

that came from words that I said.

That I’m drowning in emptiness 

and I find no comfort in my bed. 

I have so much warmth inside

from the memories of her so sweet.

Intense and visceral are my gestures

because my escape to her makes me weak.

A storm rages within

I’m not sure where to begin.

I can’t stop the thunder

from waging a war beneath my skin.

It’s a purple hue with a flashing light

this feeling that I can not fight.

The longing for her piercing stare 

to bring the peace I only find in her eyes.