The Greatest Injustice Of All

Ive tried to write this three times. So here is the final final penultimate birthing of some very crucial information. There are many times I write. I write when I’m angry, sad and happy. The outlet is particularly birthed by the lack of judgement that a mind experienced when consuming too much alcohol.

I’m sure many can relate. Creatively, yes…if I wanted to I could write some fiction that my mind escapes to so that I might escape the reality which consumes me.

The reality is far more entertaining and interesting though. It is also helpful to have an outlet that lays our burdens to the floor. Yet in doing so I need to be responsible.

So, now comes the fun part. Analyzing this mine field of my temperament which I have basically maintained for two months. Personally, this is awesome. There is something so liberating to express an emotion that allows me to freefall into the oblivion with nothing left unsaid.

My friends and family don’t even know about this site and I intend to keep it that way. Here I am the master of my universe and here I can be king for a day. I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone but I think it’s important to express my own hurt. The therapeutic vindication is extremely satisfying. In many ways the asuaging finality of my conclusions gives me breath.

I see clearly now what I need to focus on and how I must maintain my bereavement and I appreciate all of you being patient with me.

Now, time to speak a little, if I might, about the culture of injustice surrounding the victims of the cruel nature of this world. Nothing is new under the sun. What once was and will be will be again.

I say it’s time for an end to it. The injustice which plagues us all.

Why does Donald Duck have no pants? Seriously. It drives me crazy to look back at those cartoons with Donald waving his junk out, or lack there of. Which bears the question, what kind of message are we sending to our children? That ducks, even cartoon ones, go unadmonished for being just as filthy as a mouse, yet Mickey wears pants…so why the fuck can’t Donald?

Go ahead. Behold the original anime porn that festers in adolescent minds. Yea he’s got dibs on covering his chest but not his lower body. Now does that make no sense to anyone else? If anything it should be the other way around.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about it. If Donald doesn’t wear pants then that means we have descended into anarchy as a society. So I will keep doing what I do unabashed because if it’s okay for Donald to have no pants then we can certainly exercise our free rights afforded us by the Constitution. That and we need to laugh a little sometimes. 😁