What We Are Teaching Our Children

It is an amazingly common and prevalently sad fact that men with great power exert their authority over women in many instances.

It is a disheartening aspect of the corruption of power and how it enables men of power to think they can get away with any kind of behavior. Behavior which they believe they are entitled to because of their position they have in society via popularity or financially.

I directly relate this trait of being dominant over women as it pertains to the entitlement felt by those with great power, money and influence. This trend is degrading and indecent. Putting working relationships in jeopardy by practicing innapropriate and uncomfortable actions with illict logic goes to show a naraccistic ambivalence towards the decent thing to do. Power corrupts completely. Weinstein is the perfect example.

I certainly feel people, men in general, can be drunk with power by bragging about their films or money.

Thinking you can do anything you want due to your position, is empty logic left to eventually be berated by manipulative, degrading and sick minded trains of thought. Example, Trump’s pursuit to undo everything Obama achieved.

We all saw this coming and the way Trump speaks about women is directly related to his character. I have heard many women speak of such behavior and my fear is women would be flipant in their concern and not fully address the issue. Either establish boundries or allow their narcissist counterpart to hear, “no, or there will be consequences.

Without speaking up, the behavior is likely to continue.

Trump is the worst thing to happen to feminism that has ever existed.

I can see how a woman would be scared to be in an awkward position where her career was dependant on their tolerance for an individual who’s behavior can only be described as sick perversion or ambition for total control like Weinstein. I’m no moral compass, but in life we must all pass by ourselves while concentrating on important things.

Careers, children and house payments often bring down women, and people in general, to reality and, living in a world full of men, women have to put on armor and fight for respect. This is unfair.

Certain movie producers and people who hold the most important office in the world, have shown to be very crude and misogynistic.

It is a sad affair children must see the country becoming more divided by the minute rather than the promises of unity we were promised.

Undoing a President’s work of government provided aid by witholding subsidies to people so they can’t afford insurance, is counterproductive. The way it was done was reckless. As was his comments on the bus where his comments were recorded. Should we be surprised?

Especially while offering no alternatives. The Affordable Care Act allows young people the opportunity to have health insurance.

It gives millions of people more competitive prices as a result of insurance companies with those subsidies. It allows premiums to be reduced in cost. Though admittedly Obamacare had it’s flaws.

Yet Trump signed an executive order today ending those subsidies because Trump does not care about anything in the world except his high dollar interests; which will see a reduced tax bill giving millionaire clubs the opportunity to have tax breaks. If Trump or anyone tells you this tax cut will go back to relief for the middle class, please at this very moment…drink bleach. Because it is smarter than what Trump is doing.

How could anyone expect more from this President? A man with disdain for especially women. What was caught on tape when Trump made lewd comments towards women is indeed what Trump is. A selfish shell of a man. A purveyor of chaos whom women should have seen coming and should have done something about it at the polls.

Now our culture will change. Because Trump being voted into office tells our children that that kind of behavior is acceptable. Is it a man’s world…maybe.

Yet for our survival in this world, equal opportunities should be afforded for both men and women. So the misogynist male would be subdued and so we could eventually have something created in the eyes of a gender that edifies others and who’s tenacity would put any authoritarian in his place.