Escaping To My Secret Place

I found my home. Not so far away as I had expected but far enough. Someplace different that would lend perspective to my dull daily routine. I lie here in this place thinking of that different place.

How I got so cold is still unraveling in front of me. Could it be this dreary town, torn memories from the past come to drown me in despair. I tell you this, not here.

Not here will I be any longer. It is time to cloak myself in foliage so that I might camouflage myself and slip passed unnoticed. An unnoticed chap with burdens weighing me down. I beg the night for comfort and even my escapades to an alternate state of mind wear off after awhile.

Here is where I was born. Here is where I was raised but I know deep within me places I’ve seen that were much more freeing. Much more accepting. Places that go at different paces. Places that help one see the world not through constraint but rather with optimism.

Change is a good thing. Though familiar I am with what I know, after awhile the same smells and sights serve to dull my senses. They serve to entice me with no mystery. Nothing to discover.

So I sit here. Sit here and escape to my corner.

Sitting here drifting away to a beach overlooking the sea. Sitting here walking a busy marketplace crowded so as to make that background noise that speaks volumes. It beckons to me. The fresh food, oysters, crab…oh how I long for that fresh marketplace.

How I dream of a coffeehouse juxtaposed next the marketplace overlooking a bay. I sit there though I am here. I drink my coffee and light my cigarette and contemplate the mysteries I would discover.