Game Of Thrones Sets An Important Tone

The human condition is torturous from within and from the outside looking inside in George RR Martin’s Game Of Thrones.

Honor wipes away deception. Righteousness washes away cruelty. The innocent sometimes can be subjected to unheard of horrors in Martin’s world, yet vindication is made much more satisfying as the plot plays out. The rawness of emotion is so wrapped up in eloquent dialouge that it is difficult for even the most mundane of observers to not be drawn in.

It has been a long and bloody road along Game Of Thrones Way. Long, gory, vivid, illicit and glorious. The score doesn’t do the story telling justice. For fans whom have endured this long journey, every plot twist and sliced neck has been witnessed with engrossing satisfaction and regretfully, at times, deep heartache.

One thing for sure we all can identify with is the cold aspect and cruel nature Martin’s world possesses. Sometimes the good guy doesn’t win. Life is bittersweet and George R.R. Martin has made that very statement.

I have seen every episode at least ten times and I can guarantee you the world which Martin has created is as flawed as this world we all live in. Which is what makes the drama even more in our faces. The basic and brutal needs of the body and the psyche are displayed in medieval fashion. Every inclination one might seek in a world of basic feudalism is explored. Sex and power. Essentially fundamental desire.

For some, the subtle inclination the writers have submitted us is an undercurrent full of women empowering toned messages. Sure, men are the ones with true power in Martin’s world, but the character development of Arya Stark and Sansa Stark, as well as Cersei, is a stark nod at feminism. No pun intended. Me not being a woman may disqualify from making such comments.

Yet I rather enjoy the powerfulness and cunningness of Martin’s female characters as portrayed by both Benioffs brothers. It is a captivating message that I hope will be a more resonate theme for actresses everywhere in all aspects entertainment.