A Man Who We Should Listen To

I am distraught. I ask myself daily, what can I do that would contribute to the edification of justice? There are so many wrongs that befall us. So much hate exists in the world that sometimes we might be inclined to combat fire with fire. Yet what we are so often inclined to do is be complacent to the point where we become complicit in the tolerance of hate. Hate that festers and rots the core of our humanity.

How do we stand? What do we stand for? Principals that drive us should be grounded in the foundation of honor and duty. Principals that drive us should build people up, create constructive dialogue and root out enmity between everyone. Duty and honor should be to something greater than us. You can call it God or whatever power you might relinquish yourself to that you respect and sets an example of a peaceful and righteous life.

There are godly people, there are wise people(academics), there are authorative figures(police) and then there are hard working blue collared people. There are farmers, there are electricians…people who have purpose. There are scholars and there are teachers. All of us, we have a purpose. There are people in all walks of life that coexist yet respect, freedom, decency and right to life begs us to follow a code of law.

Those that guard those codes of law are men and women of a certain moxy. That moxy should always be hard and un-bending. Yet gentle and understanding. Still, coldness and hate exist and the guardians of the righteous should be men who have the intelligence to discern the fights worth fighting while remembering what they’re fighting for. Men who understand how men think and what drives them. Women who do the same.

Understanding, profiling and categorizing crime and criminals take years of training to hone and perfect. Society begs them to be responsible tenants of the principals we live by. Who are we once our guardians become tainted by the soil of raucous indignity? Who are we to put our guardians in positions where we would have them fighting against themselves? Democracy is a complex machine that drives innovation and character of those who live it. Our leaders should acknowledge when they are weak and unknowledgeable.

Our leaders should let justice be handled by men who know how justice works and who have been trained through years of discerning education. Men who are trained to snuff out the rancor of injustice. Ask yourself, who do you want watching over you as you sleep at night? I will tell you with certainty it would be a man who is a man or woman of peace.

Someone of sensible senses who speaks carefully, or not at all. Those who should speak don’t often do. Yet when they do, we should listen.