One Of The Best Men I Know

As the world turns we find ourselves in the company of many different people. Everyone is unique and people have different ideas, experiences and personalities.

My best friend is Anthony and I write this for him. He’s the ugly one on the right.

Aside from his puppy dog face he is one of the most stubborn men alive. Never bending or yielding. Strength of character and intelligence are all words not strong enough for this man’s existence.

I’ve known Anthony for over 30 years. We differ in our political views but we always end up laughing about it. I think it’s great to have dialogue that can give birth to new ideas. Perspectives that help solve any problems and together we can figure out anything.

Anthony, you are one of my dear friends and people need to know about you. Even though you can be an elitist sometimes, your understanding and engaging wit help to edify and you are simply a good man.

I’m honored to know you. Together we’ve literally climbed mountains and I even let you beat me in tennis. Of course you being an old man I had to take it easy on you.