Without Gloom We Wouldn’t Know What Good Days Are

I went on a walk today. There was a fog surrounding the whole area.

I walked to the park. At 65 degrees it is the perfect temperature. Yet visibility was a little difficult at 100 yards or so.

It was 7:30 am. I wanted to clear my head a little. There has been a lot going on in the news.

The fog was rather consuming. I could feel the thickness of the air. I finished walking around the park then decided to go to the store and pick up a few things.

I ducked behind a building that was abandoned and walked through it’s parking lot. Not a car in sight. Real gloomy kind of picture.

I walked through the parking lot to the main road. As you can see the visibility was just fair. As you can see, here in the south we have what are called Dollar stores. Dollar stores and Dollar Trees. You can see one on the left. Ideal for stocking your kitchen. Seriously, everything’s a dollar.

You might also be able to make out Osaka on the right. It’s a Chinese restaurant and is actually pretty good. If it weren’t for a bad run of health code violations I’d go more.

After I went to the store I came back to my neighborhood. It was incredible the thickness of the fog even then.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the direction our countries going and how in the world things will be after the next four years. Before I left I had been watching the news and of course nothing but depressing things are always on when watching the news.

As I came back I went by my neighbor’s house. I saw their flag and decided to get a good shot of it. It’s torn and battered from always being outside.

Since her husband passed the elderly lady has refused to take down the flag. I thought how fitting yet fairly downtrodden that here in the fog this flag flies. Torn and beaten by the wind, yet still flying.

Of all the horrible news that begs to worry us all I know things will be all right. It will all pass just as this day will. The earth will continue to move and the sun will eventually come out.

I hope and have nothing but well wishes for society even though society seemingly takes a step back sometimes. The gloom of the world is real.

Yet as a foggy day comes so does the wind. The earth will turn and we will find beautiful days again. I have hope and faith in a strong foundation fought by men and women of honor and I know everything will work themselves out as they should.

Just like foggy days, gloom will come. It serves us because without them we would not know how important it is to cherish the good days. So goes life…