My Adventure: Chattanooga, Amos Lee & Death By Chocolate

Tivoli Theatre. Chattanooga, TN. Amos Lee is a singer/songwriter whom I’ve never heard of but I got a chance to see him tonight at this live venue with my mom and our family friends.

We left Knoxville, TN at 1pm.

We stopped at our lake house on the way. Somewhere that I’ve been many times to escape and get away from the city. The leaves are turning and falling. It’s 65 degrees…perfect weather. It’s quite the scene.

We were there shortly before departing to Chattanooga. When we arrived I was elated. I’ve been to Chattanooga, TN many times. I have family there.

We’re staying at the Read Hotel in the financial district.

The Read is part of the historical preservation society. That should be capitalized but I want to go to bed. So I’m being quick. The Read Hotel has halls that are reminiscent of those in the movie the Shinning. Aside from that, it’s perfectly fine.

Yet the lobby is quite grand and many features of the hotel have been kept from over 100 years ago.

There were old time phone booths that I couldn’t resist taking a picture of.

The lobby had many mirrors and it wasn’t too crowded so I wandered around and saw a few of the corridors.

We all got settled and then headed to dinner at the Boathouse and Shuck Bar on the river.

It was kind of pricy but at the same time very good.

I had the fried shrimp and it was a generous portion. Afterwards we loaded up and headed back downtown. We walked about half a block to the theatre and saw something unusual. An alley with blocks you could rearrange into words and pictures. It kind of struck me that it hadn’t been vandalized. I don’t know if this is due to the fact it hasn’t been there long enough or the fact that hey, it’s Chattanooga.

I was quite taken aback. It was actually quite neat. Yet onward we went.

There was a good crowd.

Drinks, four of them, were forty dollars. Which is ridiculous anyway you look at it.Yet onward we went.

It was a beautiful very old theatre. The acoustics were fabulous. Unfortunately we couldn’t take flash pictures. This reduced quality pictures but the point is…this guy can sing.

He sang about 12 songs. His lyrics were good and he had a unique voice. He mumbled a little but he could hit some very good, and high, notes that were seemlessly beautiful. I was blown away with the crowds reaction. Lee is very engaging and personable between sets. The opening act was a guy named Mutlu. A very large man with an even larger personality. The show was humorous with down to earth personable commentaries and very entertaining, melodic and heart bearing songs.

In summary, I very much enjoyed this adventure. Amos is not necessarily mainstream, but he has a following in the South for sure.

After the show I wandered downtown for awhile. I was taking in the fresh air and then I saw this. Not exactly sure what “it” is but I had to take a picture of it. It’s menacing and right in front of a bank. There was no inscription so I couldn’t tell you anything about it.

I can tell you about this place though. I had a piece of what they called, Death By Chocolate cake. Basically gnosh. It was the best piece of cake I’ve ever had. So I’m going to pass out now.

Before I go I would like to leave you with a picture of the State Building in downtown Chattanooga from our hotel room. All is quiet and the day was long and enjoyable. If you find the inclination to be in Chattanooga I would highly recommend visiting. Beautiful clean streets and many, many things to do.

Also, you should check out Amos Reed. Fabulous performer. Amazing voice and a performance I will never forget.