My Adventure: Lake Views, Family, Exploding Food Props & Sneezing Dogs Playing Fetch

The adventure continues…

Life it seems has led me to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family a week earlier; so we all could be together. For those of you in other countries, we congregate for purposes of consuming surplus calories on one day of November so that we can all see each other. Shortly after we all return to our lives as usual.

My journey began at the lake. My niece and nephew joined my dad, mom and me. We chilled out together for a minute. My niece, as you can see, early in the morning takes a while to get going.

We went to the lake. As I’ve tried to show here is these set of following pics. It’s a great place of Zen. Yet as you can see in these days of Fall, the leaves have turned and there is a bitter cold bite of the wind.

If you look closely you can see small things in the center of the picture floating on the water…ducks. I saw them while standing in the pavilion shown below.

From the pavilion you can look down onto the deck that sits on the corner of our dock.

The dock itself runs along the side of our hill which goes down into the cove.

The cove is full of debris that it swallows from the lake. Leaves can sometimes cover, and almost smother, the dock. The cove is full of sticks and logs. As well as, what I said, debris and all sorts of whatever people throw out on the lake.

I played with my dear sneezing friend Ginny here. I summize it was a proper southern name my mother deemed appropriate at the time. Ginny is the epitome of a best friend. All things outside are good for her.

After briefly taking in a night of the lake we headed to Georgia at our Winchester family gathering. My grandmother and grandfather had five children. Those five children multiplied and went forth in the world. Lol. Now those children’s children are having children. We are a force to be reckoned with. That and a detriment to any buffet with ham and roast beef on it. It was rather uneventful with the exception of a chocolate fountain malfunction.

As you can see, it went a little c-a-r-a-z-y. (Misspelled and enunciated for dramatic effect) One of my second cousins got nailed. My cousin-in-law can be seen here in a state of misery due to the chocolate slap her daughter got.

Yet so goes the world. I adore my family. I love them dearly and I got to spend time with those I hold dearest.

Especially this little doober, um-ah C, rather. I’m not going to divulge her name but she is my niece. She had a brush jammed in her hair and of course I couldn’t resist. I thought it was hysterical.

Then it was outside to play fetch with Ginny. Ah, what a loving time family time is. It seems Christmas is upon as it seems it was not so long ago. Years, as I get older, I find tend to seem shorter.

I certainly hope to all who read this to be inspired to capture these moments and monument them in some form or fashion in their own lives. For the years become shorter and our memories should be emblazoned with the joy we find on this earth. We should share, love and understand. As a family, principles that we adhere to should be applied to how we treat people all over the globe.

We should forgive the forgivable, love the kindness and foster charity and compassion to those we call neighbor. Not just in our neighborhoods but also in neighboring States and countries. No matter the oceans between I hope that everyone takes care, stays safe and that you experience love in whatever form or fashion or religion you deem constructive in your lives.