Miracles Happen Every Day

All you need is ears to hear, eyes to see and a mind to discern the miracles around us everyday. There are miracles everywhere. Beauty everywhere.

A newborn child brought into the world. A song that moves your heart and allows you to relate while expanding your mind. The sun shinning as the world revolves to reveal a new day. 

All of these things are miracles of life. Whether you put your faith in God or something else always remember the greatest miracle is our power to share love and understanding. Whatever leads us to think clearer, experience life more fully or anything that reveals purpose, I hope everyone knows that together we can share these experiences.

That in times of pain or hurt we use our ears to listen more carefully to understand one another. That we use our words to build up and encourage each other. That we think positively to help us rise above the gloom in this world. 

My hope is that everyone finds peace in whatever outlet or source that you might find available. So that we might tell tales of perseverance and clarity. That we might grow as individuals and excel over any obstacle while knowing that we are never alone.

That beauty is all around us and it is love that drives us to the better decisions and experiences.