What I Learn Everyday From All Of You & People Everywhere

We are in this world together my fellow earthlings. I know, personally, I don’t have all the answers. But I encourage all of you to exercise the value of reaching out to others, reading various perspectives and experiences to help you make the correct decisions for you.

When I was a child there were good excuses for making poor decisions. I didn’t know it wasn’t a good idea to go outside in 30 degree weather and play when the prospects of that warranted stuffy noses and catching the cold.

I know. Such a weak example. Let’s use an example like relationships or business investments. There you go. Savvyness in finances and love often take the, “You got to go through it,” before you know the proper way to achieve a desired result.

The connection I’d like to segue into though is what we consider problems. Cleverness is ingenuity and utilizing resources readily available to one’s self. Wisdom requires forethought and planning to avoid the problem all together. Yet for some people, experienced people, there are not many problems. The problem is there are many things under the sun that are problems that are not usual, typical or readily solved.

I don’t go outside in minus degree weather to build snow mans. Problem solved. I don’t date girls with dragon tattoos or girls that lie about the most simplest of things. I do research and plan a budget to allow myself perspective in financial matters. Granted I don’t necessarily have an income conducive to Wall Street investments, but you get my point.

Experience, personal growth and knowing yourself and limitations is a responsible path to pursue. 

The forethought, our mind set, helps us weigh the risks of actions that may lead to what would be problems in our own personal lives. Personal lives are different and when we find a problem that our own personal resources can not overcome, wise people garner perspective, ideas and knowledge from people who do know solutions.

Wisdom according to Einstein seemingly draws me to the conclusion that wisdom is found in interacting and truly learning by asking wiser men or women the correct form of action. 

This requires

  • Engaging
  • Listening 
  • Reading 
  • Opening your mind to different possibilities. 

I love reading all of my followers points of view and many other people’s. I’ve heard stories and learned things here in this social network that have enlightened, uplifted and inspired me. Many thanks to you all and believe it or not all of you have helped me discover an inner peace in a chaotic and frustrating world

Thank you and I’ll read you later.