An Objective Once A Year Political Statement By The Sleuth Inquisitor

Speaking politics is something I reserve for my closest of friends. Yet here and now must mark an occasion of such an instance. I love my country and I am passionate about it’s health. I can not let the world toss too and fro different ideologies without establishing the standard from which I operate. My political opinions need to be known.

I am a Democrat. I have and harbor no ill will for Republicans. I just think the government should operate in a way that benefits the most needy and disadvantaged of us all and as a whole I do not feel the Republican Party has those needs of certain groups of people as a major concern.

The Government should exist to serve and shelter the most needy. Not to pave the way for the “big guy” to do whatever he wants. This analogy can be ascribed to big business and corporations that take advantage of tax law and loopholes to avoid paying it’s fair share of taxes for the edification of American life. 

Trickle down economics does not work. When businesses have extra revenue after tax season, they reinvest and restructure for shareholders. They do not hire new employees.

Regulations keeping companies from using tax shelters to avoid taxation are being rolled back as we speak. It’s a sad aspect of greed that sickens the morality of those who worship the all powerful dollar for extravagances that would help serve thousands of homeless people meals in homeless shelters.

Protecting benefits, benefits mind you, wasn’t even in the language of this latest tax bill that is set to pass any day. Not until Marco Rubio threatened to withold his vote did the Senate add certain protections. Which I wouldn’t be surprised get scrapped at the next possible turn.

I want to inform and to do this I must establish these feelings and opinions that can clarify the direction of my rhetoric. I will not confuse or obfuscate facts. 

The only agenda I have is to serve you, my readers.

I feel suffocated creatively that my political affiliations not be known. I want to be honest and objective but I am a person and I have an opinion. I wouldn’t be a person if I didn’t have ideas or some logic to the order of things.

Speaking objectively of Mr. Trump demands an overall summation of not just spoken comments, but overall actions.

Set in motion at a young age by a father who contributed to Mr. Trump’s personal financial security, Mr. Trump has exhibited actions indicative of a man with personal ambition towards inward gratification via media and news outlets. All while personal investments and monetary ventures by Mr. Trump were pursued with the veracity and tenacious use of any legal opportunity afforded by law to help Mr. Trump retain maximum profits. This includes filing bankruptcy to liquidate assets and take advantage of laws allowing Mr. Trump to retain financial standing to avoid defaulting on certain loans and avoiding financial obligations.

This can justify the logical conclusion of any reasonable person or persons that happens to concur with my own conclusions about the man. To describe Trump as a business man would be to suggest that Trump is aware of how to run a business. This inference has no weight in reality since Mr. Trump has actually exhibited himself as more of an active participant in legal embattlements rather than the savvy Wall Street investor that Trump sees himself as.

This dissociation of reality can be taken as the word implies. A total perspective adopted by Trump versus the reality of the world Donald Trump lives in. This self-aggrandizing behavior can manifest in abnormal behavior and impede clear trains of thought. The tremendous opportunity afforded to Mr. Trump, by way of his accumulated wealth not respectably earned, allows Mr. Trump to operate in his self-perceived reality that presents no consequences for abnormal actions or erratic behavior.

The ambiguity of certain Trump statements represents a skewed conceptual depiction of an image Trump would like to display that both allows him to insult while cowardly hiding in the inclinations. Inclinations which are indeed drawn from obvious impulsive outbursts. By saying others interpretations are drawn from the observer’s indecency and not his own, Mr. Trump exhibits the behavior of a shadowy and conceitful sociopath. 

This form of hypocrisy and misleading innuendo are indeed skewed from reality and represent the impulsiveness of years of unchecked notions from people who fear to shatter Trump’s fragile ego.

The biggest concerning aspect of Trump’s rhetoric is a total disregard for authority. The grim picture Trump paints of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is merely a manifestation of Trump’s frustration into the Russia investigation. Which has uncovered felonies committed by Trump’s campaign associates Paul Manafort and Trump’s selection for National Security Advisor, at the time, Michael Flynn. 

Certain associates of Donald Trump have had connections with Russian emissaries connected to the Russian government. A government that has conclusively meddled in American Democracy according to all major Intelligence Agencies including the FBI and CIA. 

Donald Trump fired Director James Comey, stating on national television, due to what the president, that’s little “p” on purpose, called, “The Russia Thing.” Later Trump would go on to brag to Russian Ambassadors about how the, Russia Thing, and how it has been, “taken off.” Despite the threat to Democracy Russia propagated, there has not been one executive order, not one, in regards to Russian election tampering. 

It is to the despair of the most righteous and the best of us that this Administration isn’t addressing the validity of the lands highest crime enforcement agency. Even more seriously concerning is the way of which this president seems to believe he should not have to answer to authorities in regards to a very important matter pertaining to concerns of obstructing an investigation of possible Russian collusion by key members of our once respected Oval Office.

If there are no crimes to be concerned about, why has the whole White House staff hired lawyers?

It’s not just Russia but also Trump’s unstable ways that has me concerned. Therefore I can not and will not support Donald Trump as president here now or ever.

I think it is important to note that Donald Trump is the oldest President, capital P when referencing the actual office, to ever live. Trump is set in his ways. He comes from a time and generation when race relations and gender equality was far less progressive than what it became during Barack Obama’s Presidency. 

I can not escape the thought that when President Trump says he wants to make America great again, his definition of exactly what that is is far more tribal than what my generation knows it to be. I am saddened at the divisiveness and I hope this stands as a testament of that fact. Our country bleeds and it is rotting from the inside. Which should trouble everyone.