Unveiling The Heart

For the eyes

for the heart,

behold the night

the sun will part.

Scan the horizon

you can’t see

without sunlight

what light frees.

Understand a voice

in response to you.

Apply the tenants

of the good and true.

Take a chance

leave spite behind.

Set free enmity

expand your mind.

Finish the drive

set aside pride.

Just leave behind

the selfish side.

A side that cries

for being a part

of those wanting

a part of your heart.

Run a loosing race

so very few choose.

Your stride’s enough

to remove the noose.

Choking complacency

and total disregard

for how others fancy

to grasp your arm.

Don’t keep secrets

and don’t turn aside

so that you keep it

and hide it inside.

It’s so selfish

to say goodbye.

Don’t diminish,

open your eyes.

Can’t you see

how much within

your beauty is?

Release it again.