A Requiem To Deterioration

Usually I post what’s going on in my life on this site. My work I’ve relinquished to sleuth.press Yet sometimes my life becomes intertwined with my manifestations of emotion. It’s just a feeling. It’s true and honest and yes, something I feel now and will forever. I guess I’m just deteriorating.

I read your words they are

such a chasm of depth.

Words of mystery and

ides of strengthened concept.

Visceral and complex

honest and true

complete and painted

a vast colored hue.

I see your picture,

such splendid grace.

Warm stories told

by curves of your face.

Eyes so sharp

hair flowing long

telling foreign tales,

your gaze a song.

Your skin,

kissed by the sun,

is where I end.

Yet a story begun.

One of dreams

witnessing blissful atolls

begging my obedience

to a disobedient soul.

I digress, become weary

I become sin

to this earth where

I feel feelings again.

I bid adieu

to all else that’s true.

I dream only

of words spoken by you.