No Boundries Between Us

Half a world away,
your exotic fanfare.
If you are as I am
are you even there?

My mind leaves
my body and dissipates.
Swiftly in air
from within I elevate.

It takes me away
to where you are.
Across the globe
no distance too far.

Let’s go around
this globe and fly
above all the pain
your eyes subside.

None could know
from whence I flow
where musings grow
salted by the snow.

The bitter aspect
has no effect
not here or now
where I reflect.

Reflect on how
I can’t see you now,
tis a cold detail
that bites my brow.

Still I dream of
words of strength.
Your words beckon;
me on the brink.

The boundary between
sanity and madness
never did I know
that’s where it happens.

In a place
so far away.
Yet so close
in many ways.


Originally posted on The Lost Soul