Fly Free

What is perceived
depends on the eyes.
Motives from within
differ from those outside.

A soul can be known
by their words you read.
Beneath none is ever
what you expect them to be.

I stand in the town square
grabbing the center pole.
Being what I’ve come to be
there is nothing else I know.

I am what you see
beneath is the same.
Fly free gentle breeze
I pray you don’t change.

Throw up your walls
if it makes you feel safe.
Care, if you do, my thoughts
this ink is easy to trace.

Remember to laugh
instead of brood.
Here I serve
to serve your mood.

Whether it’s fancy
or rather entertain
I as you despise
those who would contain.

Set free your speed
question what you see.
I’ll supply no grip
to keep you flying free.