Kubiya Games Leave Me Conflicted

I’ve heard of a lot of things, but Kubiya Games isn’t one of them. My sister, as a Christmas Gift, supplied me with this unusual game where you form shapes out of pieces of wood.

You have to match these pieces of wood into shapes, which oddly enough, are shapes of cats. To say I find this amusing is an understatement. I can’t stop playing it.

Still begs the question just exactly the thought behind the gift was. I would like it to mean it reminded her I’m as curious as a cat.

Yet the more I think about it I think to myself, it’s kind of like those toys scientists give to monkeys. You know, to gauge their intelligence.

So I’m either a monkey or a cat. I’ll go with cat. Though I still am feeling a little conflicted about it.

Love you sister! I’ll be a monkey for you any day. It’s actually quite fun.

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  1. Lee Dunn says:

    Looks fascinating.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jared W says:

      Without a doubt it is. Lol.


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