A Cry For Apollo, My Love

A reckless inclination
led to an infatuation.
It’s such a situation
such a simple revelation.

I scream at the dawn
for allowing such harm.
Help me quiet the alarm.
See how it refuses your charm.

We live in days of the beast.
Complacently watch vultures feast.
The world is cold it turns
yell, scream and question it at least.

We could do no wrong.
Say damn to the dawn.
Together we are strong.
We’re right where we belong.

No fear for the future
you supplied the suture.
damning the dawn suits her
I see clearly through her.

With reckless inclination
that led to infatuation.
It’s such a situation.
This simple revelation.

I can build you a pyre,
sacrifices for you dear.
Then it should be clear
why on earth we’re here.

Earthly things brag and say,
“Oh see how I am your god.”
We scream, “See we bleed,”
and give the dawn no nod.

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  1. lou rasmus says:

    this is great

    Liked by 1 person

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