Nothing I’ve Known

Why so vague?
I see how you behave.
Will you in the end
lead to an open grave?

Questions still remain.
Now I’m not the same.
Will I be buried or
returned to the sane?

The veiled night
starts to make sense.
Seeping in the dirt
my childish innocence.

Wake me to the day,
make me new in every way.
You bring beauty within,
the way you make me say:

I love you I do.
Every word is true.
Place me in my grave
when you are through.

I don’t want to live;
not here without you.
Bury me dead;
mark the Reeper’s cue.

Leave some of me
to scatter to the sea.
As I lift my head,
I refuse to breathe.

Without you I am not
but skin and bones.
You don’t have to be
anything I’ve known.

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