Taking The Baton

Fluid rhythm with
flowing gentle tone.
All of my faculties,
fit you for a throne.

You will find that I
tried to set you free.
I would shatter wind
if you wished it to be.

If any tune or tone is
not what you can stand,
I’d take up the podium,
steady it with my hand.

Hear with your eyes,
don’t look at the end.
Rapture those notes
where hearing begins.

Consumed I am
wrapped in harmony.
Found I have your
notes so charmingly.

I beg to tell myself
how it can’t be real.
How much her music
makes my heart heal.

So I beg to step
outside myself to see,
last remnants of
her song I received.

With that I withdraw
slowly back to the place,
where I began reflecting
upon her musical ways.

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