As If I Were Dreaming

The morning my mind
when love I did find,
is still frozen in time.
Before then I was blind.

I remember she was wild,
spirited, sentimental guile.
Far more familiar with life
far more than I just a child.

As I search my mind
to describe her in kind,
it seems all too clear
it is fruitless to find.

It seems so long ago it was
my reflecting upon it does
such injustice to her to
begin to describe our love.

No words I could conjure
could ever describe her.
All I know is the pace that
my mind begins to wander.

Changed was life’s meaning
into the fast lane careening.
Went too fast for caution,
in the end was the feeling.

It was that my life changed,
wild chemicals in my brain.
Made the world make sense
and all insecure insanity sane.

As I look back at
feelings on just that.
I became fearless
no anguish to combat.

She gave me meaning
all the while seeming
like my life was lifted
as if I were dreaming.

A walking contradiction,
my life of constant fiction.
Until she appeared and
removed all my afflictions.

So I grew up far too fast
the feeling seemingly lasts.
Even when we were no more
her spell was already cast.

The light in the dawn
that flew against the wind.
My childhood was ended,
all my pain was cleansed.

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