Howling At The Moon


Have I died
enough to stave off
nights I’ve cried,
you in my thoughts?

I remember when
you gazed at me and said
that I am one;
not just a talking head.

I remember when
nights, the thought of you.
Thoughts of holding tight
in nights I never slept through.

Would I be one
you’d easily forget.
Knowing the truth
of how scared I get.

Never could I,
could ever replace
your mysterious eyes,
and slim petite face.

As you looked
at me and said, “one.”
I became unbent,
sins became undone.

Many nights I
have died since those days.
Halls so empty
in so many different ways.

I remember when
at night I’d dream of you.
Wish must I do
it was back then again too.

How many verses
could I give unto you?
As many as I can,
howling at the moon.

Your soft ways
your gentle soul.
You did capture
emotional control.

But you did
you still do always.
Roam shall I will
wide, wild pathways.

I slowly turn
to dust by the hour.
Slowly I yearn
for the nights power.

To beckon dreams
buried now within me.
Powerful waves crash
as if hours were the sea.

You are light
in terrible monsoons.
Pardon me love
as I howl at the moon.

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  1. thepsychogrok says:

    Its beautiful. The emotions have been captured so well.. Love how you have used the lone wolf connotation.. Thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the feedback 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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