Where I Retreat

Watch I do
the masses celebrate.
I can’t comply
I will not commiserate.

I will withdraw
to my place and draw.
What my mind
while in darkness saw.

The embattlements
that I have battled
would make any soul
become sadly rattled.

So I retreat so I
can serve to stand on my feet.
Away from twisted roads
once one way dead end streets.

In my ire
my mind drifts away
to once livened
bliss along the way.

They are my
memories of love so dear.
That strike close
to realms of joyous tears.

I may meander
steer all over the road.
All the way
back to my humble abode.

It’s a place where
I contain no despair.
Dreaming of
my affection’s stares.

Am I the only
one who escapes to places
where the world
can’t see my many faces?

My escape from
this uncomfortable world
involves those I
loved, so I swing my sword.

For even friends
can throw about spears.
That find their spot
and rip with harsh jears.

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