Seek Within

I ask the sky
why do you allow,
in your expanse
familiar clouds?

Will my mind
bend at your whim?
Where you start;
a place with no end.

So I walk miles
in an upright style.
In your watch
look what defiled.

You are constant
should I follow you?
I can’t be there
where once I flew.

I remind myself
now I’m free to do.
What I must,
with you I’m through.

I’ll gaze not
at your all seeing,
vast and breathing
powerful being.

You only know
mercy because I give
you meaning.
For you do not live.

Yet you do take
my precious days
and my moments
swiftly right away.

What you’ve taught
you did in your accent.
I’ll imagine no more;
for you’re indifferent.

Categories: Inner Thoughts, Poetry

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5 replies

  1. A very interesting poem of loss of faith in God…. Love the sky photo…

    Liked by 1 person

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