Farewell Darkness My Old Friend

I’m not always so clever;
sometimes I seem a little cliché.
Shall I go on pretending others
will not beg question my ways?

I wake in the dawn.
I write while sipping coffee.
How many more days,
will there be until it stops me?

A phantom entrenches me,
saying my words are uninspired.
When I begin to softly sing
it speaks of me as if I’m a liar.

For what joy can come
in my life which is so mundane?
It’s the reason I write
or I’ll fall into constant disarray.

My phantom doubt,
for awhile I thought you’d gone.
Yet here you are again
chiding to me all the day long.

It seems when I write,
I shed burden life can bring.
I see why my fear lashes out,
it’s cornered when I sing.

Deep in the depths
you, my fear, you can hide.
Both fear and song
are here dwelling deep inside.

Some words take away
doubt in the unknown day.
Now as I sit motionless
these lines lift fear away.

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