Death’s Remedy: What We Choose To See

I cover all the clocks
just to see it not.
But time moves so quickly
for me it will not stop.

Children keep dancing
their youth so enchanting.
As they laugh, sing and dance
they speak as if commanding.

You can’t live life too much
fear not the reeper’s touch.
Dance and sing and jump.
Memories of joy and such.

To keep the Reeper slow,
as I stare out into his path,
keep will I the memories
that won’t wake his wrath.

Time exists for me,
its what I choose to see.
To dance, jump and sing
is death’s remedy.

The day passes
it turns taking us to an end.
Will I see it crawl
or forget when death begins.

From the day
I took breath I began
to abide by nature
to live until the end.

Shall I carry
spending moments in thought,
thinking of the end
instead of running til I can not.

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