ESSENTIAL, My Thank You To You

I can’t seem

to get out of my way.

I rely on a supply

of strength for today.

It comes to pass

my insecurity bleeds.

I try to soocher but

what made cuts sees.

Losing faith I

bind my operating hands.

My feet don’t move

as if stuck in quick sand.

I can recall

many situations before.

Before the trek to

take ownership anymore.

Nothing turns out

as how we do expect.

I have been witness;

countless train-wrecks.

So I slip

subside, now complacency.

Because I see

the things that bruised me.

Here among shadows

I do protest my subtle part.

Though I am ashamed

and wounded is my heart.

Now I’ve a list

so all are able to see

what is in my veins

and what I believe.

Your encouragement

and all of your support,

encourages me so

from here I will report.

All of your words

captivate and reverberate.

Helping contemplation,

helping barriers to break.

So I delve deep;

so deep again and again

from all your words,

inspiring valiant winds.

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