Passion’s Fraught Trip

What was made

was made able.

We will rise

becoming stable.

Sweat and tears

tear at the seams;

whisps of kindness

help sew dreams.

Drawing us out

to fight the fight

where we see

our heart’s delight.

This is called passion.

When your work is driven

by fervant gestures

giving splendid vision.

The world conspires,

sometimes roadblocks.

Forcing us out of cars

into fields we must walk.

Here to there

we walk perspiring.

All while mocker’s

eyes come prying.

It’s no joke,

making our truthes.

We have feelings

and bleed red too.

All the same

yet all different;

things we do

to survive in spirit.

When forces grab

holding you back,

lift your chin

don’t even react.

A foot in front

of the other,

clear a path

within discover.

That we all

turn to dust.

Live in ways

with no rust.

There will be

times of doubt

sabotaging gears;

strike it out.

Let warmth

define you so

your passion’s

capacity grows.

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