Month: March 2018

No Passenger

No need for trust, I’ve control over direction. Steer unto daybreak remembering affections. No moving me to weep, but help finding peace. Would you believe it’s found in one seat? Chaos once drove until this tranquility. Behind the wheel my… Read More ›

Fate’s Facade

Perpetuate, take fate; resonate it’s mental state, commiserate the debate as darkened doors fluctuate. Your conclusion’s illusion leaves you in confusion. Where your future lies in your passion’s bosom. Life is not about fate so think not otherwise. Or we… Read More ›

Heart Of My Heart

The sky rises up in multi-color fashion, every stone throw you’re a fierce assasin. Castles of sand crafted by feet and hands are homes to gods. Raised to marching bands. Glorious music plays in the background. Cartwheels are fun and… Read More ›