The Vicious Animal Within

Exerting strength

as each day passes by,

leaves weary

passengers flying miles.

Enthralled passions

come in many fashions.

Everyone’s different

requiring compassion.

For hearts strive in

differing ways to survive.

To keep them well

and to keep dreams alive.

If we should seek

out the corrosive strife

forfeiting kindness

causes a tenuous life.

So delicate the soul,

which steers and controls,

It needs to be nutured

for broken will leave holes.

What would you

do to fill them full?

Some souls duel

making them fools.

Strife leads to strife

where no sense is found.

Fighting only leads

to reason falling down.

What are we when

impulse we do channel?

Nothing much but

a choir of vicious animals.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. You said the key words…”everyone’s different” and we all require compassion.

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    1. Everyone certainly is different. Thats the one constant.

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  2. rothpoetry says:

    You are right about this one…. we love to live on impulse instead of solid facts and reliable information.

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