No Passenger

No need for trust,

I’ve control over direction.

Steer unto daybreak

remembering affections.

No moving me to weep,

but help finding peace.

Would you believe

it’s found in one seat?

Chaos once drove

until this tranquility.

Behind the wheel

my judgement is free.

Before I would falter;

steer would the world.

I can say I’ve been there.

With what I could afford.

Traveling to places

seeing life perform

is needed not for the

peaceable to be born.

Quarrel with pain

has never sustained.

Inspiration driving

brings sanity sane.

The complex order

that I would address

is easily deciphered

removing all duress.

No one drives for my sake

I’m a conflicting integer.

I’ll steer until the daybreak

because I’m no passenger.

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